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Africa has united! All 54 countries merging to become a single entity, Azania. It is a beacon of hope, prosperity and innovation. Not everyone is happy about Azania’s rise.

Azania Rises


Azania Rises is a science fiction animated series set in the near future. Africa has united, all 54 countries merging to become a single entity, Azania, a beacon of hope, prosperity and innovation. But not everyone is happy about Azania's rapid ascension. Azania Rises explores the question, 'what would a fully realised Africa look like, and how can it be brought about?'



The Azania Rises short film and proof-of-concept episode have been selected at various African film festivals as well as winning some awards from these screenings.

About us


Formation Animation was founded in 2017 by Dr Okai-Farayi Chinyanga in Johannesburg South Africa. The intention of the company was to create world-class animated content with a distinctly African flavor. The hope was to help redefine and expand the scope of ‘African’ animation, and in the process create content that is truly special. Formation Animations flagship project – Azania Rises is a science fiction epic, set in the near future created by a collaboration of talented African artists who have pooled their skills and resources for this animated series.


Story & Characters


The story follows the journey of the Murwi, the elite unit of Azania’s Defence Force, as they navigate a world where Africa is a united superpower, while the rest of the world is fragmented. The Southern Union faces atrocities led by Jedidiah Smith. The Murwi Unit must put an end to this and restore harmony, whilst simultaneously dealing with threats from within.



The Maafu


Maafu are the schools of thought within the Formation Hubs where they evolved organically. In 2051 the 4 Maafu were formally launched. They comprise the following ‘houses’ – Lebone, Tumfo, Fasaha and Siasa. The common thread running through all Maafu is their allegiance to Azania, how to better serve, create and protect.


Motto: Change, the only constant

Focus: Research and Development arm of The Conglomeration.

Role: Spearheaded the development of Smart Cities which eventually led to the formation of Azania. They were responsible for securing Azania’s status as a leader in tech and innovation. However, it was also from their ranks that the forbidden sciences were born.


Motto: Be ever vigilant

Focus: Vigilance and Alertness, military training, combat skills and body enhancements such as cybernetic augmentations to make them the ultimate warriors.

Role: Protectors of Azania’s legacy cultivating a deep sense of honour, duty, and self-sacrifice. lawyers, strategists, detectives, and Special Forces personnel.


Motto: Greatness lies within

Focus: Spirituality and servitude.

Role: To nurture a knowledge and love for Mungu, the Creator of all, expressed primarily through the observance of the core tenets of belief in every facet of life. They’re remarkable intuition enables them to ferret out deceit or subterfuge, which has led them to become prominent lawyers, strategists, detectives, and Special Forces personnel.


Motto: Loyalty, respect and integrity

Focus: Loyalty, practical elements of nation-building and foreign relations. Good governance

Role: The diplomats of Azania. They navigated the unification of the continent.


The written language

In Africa, a rich and diverse continent blessed by nature’s abundance, there once lived a group of visionary leaders whose dream was to bring unity and harmony to the peoples of Africa. Recognizing the power of language to bridge divides and foster understanding, they embarked on a remarkable journey to create the Azania written language.

About the language

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Behind the scenes


A lot of work happens behind the scenes.

From music, to voice acting, to writing to animation all the different talents in the team come together in the end to build and present the world of Azania Rises.



Music is a big part of our way of life and spiritual inclinations. Nothing makes sense without a harmony of music - when we pray, celebrate, and even mourn. So the aim is to showcase the diversity, vibrancy & energy of African music whilst stimulating the mind and soul. The Dream is for African music to be celebrated internationally, and for Africans to appreciate the originality of their own music.

Featured music


The Azanian team produces original sound tracks to expreess the themes and story through an African perspective. Our music has featured in many of our short films and social media projects.

Azania Rises music is a rich, authentic African sound, that fuses the genres represented on the continent.

Music in this story propels the narrative at different frequencies and paces. It lifts the dialogue into the realm of feeling.

We aim to create dynamic and Afrocentric soundtracks. The overall production will bring together different skillsets from all over the continent, fusing their unique experiences of Africa into a passion to reimagine our common future.

We look forward to growing musically and communicating the link between the screen and the audience, while giving a futuristic African experience.

Proof-of-concept Soundtrack

The Azania Rises music team incorporates sounds that represent the essence of African music, celebrating her historic accomplishments, and anticipating future innovation and success.

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Lyrically, Swahili is the linguistic reference, with fusions of Arabic, Shona, Zulu and Setswana. The variety is endless and we look forward to expanding the African music landscape in collaboration with renowned artists from Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa and others.

Short Trailer

We use instruments like the mbira, kora, kudu horn, talking drums, marimba, fula flute, in their traditional context. For example the kudu horn was used initiate war in northern parts of Africa and we use it in our action scenes.

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Our Values


These are the cultutural principles we live by.

High expectations

Matumaini makubwa
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  • We sweat the small stuff and take pride in what we do. We set goals that others think are impossible and never stop until we achieve them.

Greater together

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  • We constantly support our teammates because we know we can achieve more together.

Servant leadership

wa Utumishi
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  • Great leaders always put others before themselves and engage their community with humility and generosity.

Joy of learning

Furaha ya Kujifunza
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  • We are lifelong learners and we are fuelled by curiosity and discovery.

Always growing

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  • We constantly seek out difficult challenges, share and receive feedback as a gift and see failure as an opportunity to grow.

Solutions first

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  • Everything is possible when thinking critically. We are always thinking of new solutions when faced with difficult problems.



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